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“I find the physical aspect of yoga really helps a lot with being able sit relaxed in meditation and to quieten the mind which makes me feel good. However, at the same time I’m not looking to be wearing tye-dye and telling everybody I love them because I don’t and I happy with that as well.” 

Matty Husbands YL Member  (Pictured back row, far left.)


A ‘Men Only’ Yoga class is back on the YL weekly timetable from July 20, 2021.

Following our ‘Men’s Health Week’ promotion and the success of a FREE class to encourage men to try Yoga we are adding TRAIN | Yoga for Men to our programme on Tuesday evenings from 6:15pm to 7:30pm.

This class is suitable for all men and will be led by our phenomenal male teacher, Charlie Carter, who has a 40+ year practice and long teaching career, with extensive formal training in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. He has his heart set on encouraging more men to take their place in the studio and experience what this incredible practice has to offer.

Here at YL we believe all men should be reaping the benefits of Yoga, both mentally and physically, but it can be particularly great for men looking to enhance performance in sports such as cycling, running, weight training, swimming and golf.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, continue reading for an interview with YL member, swimmer and dad, Matthew Husbands.

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Oh yes… if  you have a man or you are a man who needs convincing, or are just interested in a man’s perspective of Yoga, have a read of this:


Q: How long have you been practicing yoga?

A: About 19 months

Q: What got you started and what keeps you coming back?

A: Over the past few years I have tried to remain active. This involved running, boot camps and swimming. However, (apart from swimming which I still enjoy) I frequently picked up injuries requiring extended rest periods (I’m also getting older…reality check!!). I didn’t feel as though I was making any progress and basically lost interest. Kim (my other half) started at Yoga Local and I kinda fell into it from there. We had attended classes years ago in a similar set up of which I enjoyed.

I keep coming back because for me it seems to be working. Physically I have noticed the benefits (particularly when I practice regularly) in breathing (lung capacity when swimming) and strength, but I also enjoy the headspace yoga gives me. To me that is just as important as the physical results. I don’t tend to go to deep into the why and wherefore’s of it all. I have my practice; do what’s suggested a day at a time and go from there. In respect to the environment and staff… it’s all good!

Q: What are the 3 top benefits you are experiencing in your life as a result of being a practicing yogi?

  • First of all it’s nice to exercise without getting injured (famous last words!)
  • As I have previously mentioned, strength and lung capacity are having a positive affect not only on my swimming but generally all round. It works if you work it!
  • Headspace!

Q: We offered FREE classes during Men’s Health Week to encourage men to join – we’re not actually convinced that the fees are the issue, so why do you think more men aren’t joining yoga classes more frequently?

A: To be honest, I’m not sure. I doubt it’s the fees. I could say that it’s because it’s not considered to be challenging enough but I don’t think it’s that either. In today’s world I believe there is enough information out there to have a basic understanding of the strength and endurance required.

Personally, as a bloke I enjoy yoga, I experience the benefits, but at the same time I like competitive sports. There is a lot of attraction in working hard to be better than an individual or another team. It feels good and it’s natural. The majority of blokes like that. Promoting yoga as a support to other sports initially to gain interest until the individual physically and mentally experiences the benefits could be an effective way of reeling them in!

Q: What was your perception of Yoga as a practice before you joined? What were you wrong about/right about?

A: I had practiced (use that word very loosely) some years ago. I had an understanding as to what was involved; obviously the moves look strong in a book or on YouTube. However, being a participator is a lot different from being a spectator. That’s when I started to have a notion of how effective this could be for me both physically and psychologically.

Q: How much of Yoga being perceived as something ‘women do’ is putting blokes off do you think?

A: In western society it appears that more women do practice yoga, but I don’t think in today’s world that is solely the reason. As I said in the previous question “What’s in it for me (from a bloke’s perspective)”.

Q: For the guys who think ‘Yoga is not really for me’ – who don’t even give yoga a try? What are they missing out on?

A: From my point of view Yoga offers a lot. You can do it anywhere! Improves strength, concentration, stamina and can at times calm the ole grey matter. For those participating in other forms of fitness or sport I feel this is a real game changer!

Q: What about the guys who argue that the practice isn’t physically challenging enough? What would you tell them?

A: Try it. Unless you’re an Olympic gymnast you’ll be surprised. Again, if you are a sportsman, this will most certainly help.

Q: As a guy, how valuable are the more spiritual aspects of the practice? The stuff that might take you out of your ‘manly’ comfort zone, and get you looking deeper at who you are and how you respond to life. Are men less up for this kind of challenge? Why is that?

A: For me, the spiritual aspect (whatever that actually means), or trying to remain balanced is very important. I don’t have a problem in self reflection or taking an inventory. It’s a personal thing and I tend to do what suits and works for me. I find the physical aspect of yoga really helps a lot with being able sit relaxed in meditation and to quieten the mind which makes me feel good. However, at the same time I’m not looking to be wearing tye-dye and telling everybody I love them because I don’t and I happy with that as well.

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