Uplevel Your Wellbeing In 2024

Unwrap Your Time: A Gift to Uplevel Your Wellbeing in 2024

Hey Lovely Yogis! Want to uplevel your wellbeing in 2024? 🌟

So, December’s here, and the scent of gingerbread is practically dancing in the air! But let’s be real – our to-do lists are like those never-ending holiday gift wrap rolls, right? 🤨 Oh boy! I hear you. So, in the spirit of finding hidden pockets of productivity, let’s chat about making time for all that and what truly matters: our yoga practice.

1 – One Thing At A Time: Find Your Zen

“I don’t have time,” you say? Well, my friend… find some by kicking multitasking to the curb for starters. Dave Crenshaw’s got it right – our brains can’t juggle a million things at once.

So, let’s remember how we find a little stillness in the chaos and focus on what matters most! Did anyone ever mention how a Yoga practice does that? Each yoga posture demands focused attention, just like making space for each necessary task in our daily lives.

Ask yourself, when’s your prime focus time? Mine’s in the morning, sans distractions and notifications. Studies back me up – task-switching just messes things up. Practice focusing on that one thing that matters most, like you, your health, and (especially at this time of year) your sanity! And if you practice, watch how much time you then find for all the rest!

2 – Time Block: Yogic Creativity and Zen Living

Amidst holiday chaos, time is like the rarest gem. But let’s borrow a tip from our entrepreneurial friends – time-blocking can be a yogi’s magical elixir. Create blocks for your practice in advance and, of course, those other important tasks. Use it to watch your capacity for creativity and productivity to flow!

Yoga teaches us to move beyond external distractions and mind chatter. Find that serene space within and bring it into your time blocks for all those other tasks. You’ll be amazed at the transformation in your relationship with time!

3 – Prioritise: Yoga Wisdom for Daily Bliss

“Identify your Most Important Tasks (MITs) each day,” says Leo Babauta. Prioritising unlocks your potential. In the yoga world, we’ve got practices for decluttering the mind. Asana, pranayama, meditation – they all help us declutter and consciously choose our goals. Yoga’s not just poses; it’s a mindful journey into life.

So, let’s take a leaf out of the entrepreneurial book and say goodbye to endless to-do lists. Instead, store your tasks on a platform (I use Asana), pick the top 3-5 each day, and revel in those micro-goals. No more overwhelm – just accomplishments and good vibes.

I’ve tried these hacks, blending them with Hatha Yoga vibes, and let me tell you, it’s magic! Now, it’s your turn. Hit reply and spill your productivity secrets. Let’s build a yogic wizard community!

Time block and gift these little gems to yourself today.

In the Spirit of Time Mastery: Yoga Local’s ‘Uplevel Your Wellbeing In 2024’ Calendar

As 2023 winds down, let’s peek into 2024. Yoga Local’s got your back with events:

  1. New Year Retreat (2 January): Kickstart 2024 with self-reflection and good vibes.

  2. Online Cleanse Programme (Starting January 23): Cleanse the body and mind for a transformative year.

  3. St Nectan’s Glen Retreat (1-4 March): Immerse in Cornwall’s enchanting retreat.

Our studio’s a haven for consistency and change. Align with intentions, focus on goals, and watch time unfold magically.


Let’s unwrap the gift of time and weave it into 2024’s wellbeing journey.

Sending you joy, peace, and all the good vibes this holiday season!