Using Yoga to Reactivate | Podcast

Stagnation Podcast

The Podcast for When You Feel Stuck. 

Below is a podcast for feeling stuck. We all have frustrations throughout the day. But what happens when we feel totally blocked. What happens when we feel we’re out of solutions?

How do we react? What do we tell ourselves, how far do we fall back?

Regardless of the field we work in or the roles we have, we usually have goals, errands, things we want to get done.

And we all have things that get in the way of our progress, that test our resilience and question our capabilities. Right?

In those moments the mind has competing thoughts. And we can notice ourselves respond both physically as the body gets tight, heated, and animated, and emotionally with maybe anger, fear and sadness.

Perhaps we lose it completely and speak in a demeaning way. To ourselves quietly and to others (a little more vocally maybe). 😝

Does that mean our practices are failing us? Are we bad yogis? Bad people?

Watch The Podcast!

Listen to this podcast for feeling stuck to gain some insight into what could be going on and how in those moments – i.e. life is dishing out some ‘tough love’ that may ultimately lead to developmental growth.

And as always let’s explore how some of the simplest strategies can shift both our energy and our perspective on any situation.

You’ll get enough from this podcast to get some insights that will help you now and overtime but if you want to go deeper, we’ve got a couple of events coming up that will shake up this topic and bring even more light to it.

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Let’s do what we need to do, and get unstuck.

🙏 J