We’re Now On Demand!

Unlimited access to our online classes? YES PLEASE

We have finally added the On Demand feature to our Team Up site! This means we can record and upload our  Yoga classes for you to access as much as you want, when you want. The uploads will be recorded versions of our LIVE ONLINE classes, in which I act as a model whilst Josie teaches and talks you through the poses. Hopefully by doing this we can provide you with the best online experience possible, with the visualisation of the poses through me and the guidance through Josie… you’ve got no chance of going wrong! You will have to bare with me though, I am new to this too and as this is recorded live you’ll spot me putting a few feet wrong. But that’s okay, at least you can see how Josie corrects me so you don’t do the same thing! 

So, how do you access this video bank of goodies? Well there is a few ways…

Firstly, you will need a membership to access them. For our Complete Membership these classes will be included in your monthly payment, you guys will be able to access these videos through the On Demand feature on your Team Up account and through the Premium Content Plan on The Hug Club.

We have also created a new membership plan, the Online Class Membership, which is a monthly paid plan that gives you access to the On Demand classes on Team Up. This is £10 a month and gives you unlimited access to all of the videos we upload to the On Demand section on Team Up.

The pic below is a little sneak peek of the collections we have added to the On Demand feature so far – this is how you would access the content through Team Up. We will also be adding a collection for Energise classes soon! Each collection will have classes of varying levels, so no matter what stage you are at there will hopefully be a class for you. We hope to add new classes to the On Demand feature weekly, so it should fill up with lots of classes in no time!

We hope you enjoy having a go at these On Demand classes, I know I’ll have fun making them! Hopefully this creates an even more accessable way to keep up your practice, we want to help support you and your goals by making Yoga an easily implementable practice in your life. On Demand is a great new way for us to help you do this.


Thank you for your time and enjoy this new addition,

Alison x