What Is Elemental Yoga?

Diving into Elemental Yoga Vibes: Hangin’ with Peter Hilland

Hey beautiful souls! ✨ So, guess what? I snagged Peter Hilland, the Elemental Yoga teacher who delivers our Cacao ceremonies, for a chit-chat on our podcast, and you don’t wanna miss it! 🎙️

The Confusion Of Yoga Styles

Confession time… I used to be the confused yogi, getting mixed messages about what the heck Yoga really is. “Stilling the mind,” they said. But then, reality check—some classes weren’t exactly that vibe. Can you relate? 😅

My take today? All us Yoga teachers should be shouting one message from the rooftops: Yoga is a state! It’s that sweet spot where mind, body, and spirit throw the ultimate party. And hey, the mix of paths, traditions, and rituals? They’re just the keys to unlocking that mind-blowing union.

Now, I’ll throw this down again and say if your Yoga session isn’t moving you toward self-empowerment and self-realisation, it’s just a workout my friend. It might be fun, make you feel zen for a sec, or stretch out those office-chair kinks, but it’s not the real deal.

But hold up, the plot twist! I crossed paths with my new bud, Peter, and turns out, we’re basically Yoga soulmates. Yes, even though we call our practices different things, they’re rooted in the same epic teachings.

Elemental Yoga Meets Traditional Yoga

Enter Elemental Yoga vibes—a perfect match for us Tantric Hatha explorers.

Yes, it would seem Elemental Yoga and our Tantric Hatha journey share a mission: digging deep into the elements, reconnecting with nature, and showing us how to vibe with life’s flow. It goes beyond the modern-day Asana (posture) obsession and brings many of the ancient teachings to life.


Ready for the lowdown on Elemental Yoga? Here’s the invite to be your own magic-maker, blending Nature’s elements into your daily groove. 🌿✨

So, create some space for this podcast episode where we spill the Elemental Yoga tea within the Tantric Hatha scene.

Get ready to soak in the good vibes and level up your Yoga game! 🚀 Stay tuned Yoga fam! 🌈💖

P.S You can meet Peter at our next Cacao ceremony at the YL Studio on March 17.