What makes Yoga practice complete?

“Many people who start studying yoga by practicing asanas (postures) continue to learn more poses until the only meaning of yoga for them lies in physical exercise.

We can liken this to a man who strengthens only one arm and lets the other one become weak.”

T.K.V Desikachar

What makes Yoga practice complete?

Desikachar devoted his life to studying and teaching the Yoga that his father, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, brought forth from the Great Tradition.

I was reading his book, The Heart of Yoga last night.

In it, to be fair, he also points out that there are people who can intellectualise the idea of yoga, write books, wax lyrical about the philosophy and deep concepts like prakriti and atman – but can’t sit for a few minutes.


So, what should we all be aiming for when we roll out our mats?

The answer my friends is…. a dedicated and complete practice.

We might start our journey with either a mediation practice, an asana practice, some breathing practice or through studying texts.

But as Deiskichar teaches – if we are to be ‘complete human beings’ we must ‘incorporate all aspects of ourselves, and do so – step by step’.

Yes, we begin where we begin – but at some point we have to recognise that if practice is incomplete our progression will either stall, or it could even take us backwards.

And if we are to become all that we can become, we need to move systematically towards complete practice. Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Bandha, Mudra, Meditation.

Are you done with just more poses?

Ok. We will all reach that point either sooner or later.

But if you are anything like me you want sooner.

And what we teach at the Yoga Local studio (and on demand in our online App) will support you in working towards complete, systemised and sustainable practice rooted in the science of Yoga. As it was meant to be taught.

This is what makes Yoga practice complete!


  • If you are done with classes and practices that are fragmented, not dealing with all of who you are, and the human experience.
  • You currently only work with one aspect of practice.
  • Your practice is not taking you on a specific path and systematically introducing the science of yoga in a way that you can assimilate and progress with over time.
  • You are confused and wondering why your ‘asana’ or other extract of practice is only temporarily giving you a sense of wellbeing and you want your experiences of ‘thriving’ to be less fleeting and more enduring.

Please come check us out here. in our online APP.

Cultivate a desire for daily practice.

We have a hybrid offer which means you can practice with us in person at our bricks and mortar studio in Wellingborough or/and online through the YL App.

The Yoga Local Studio and the Yoga Local APP together are run to support the desire for daily practice, either in person or on-the-go.

Traditional Hatha (Tantric Hatha) Yoga.

We are made up of amazing people who connect through the teachings of traditional, lineage-based Hatha (Tantric Hatha) Yoga.

Our people are regular people seeking meaningful practices and teachings, not a gym membership.

  • They want a set of skills that they can always access to refresh and enrich their toolkits so that practice stays interesting and relevant to their ever-changing life and body.
  • They want a space and Yoga business that recognises that ‘none of us get as far on our own as when we come together to achieve something’.

If this sounds like you, if  this is what you want too. We would love to meet you.

Join us FREE here and come and say hi and we’ll help move you from confused beginner, or  aimless practitioner, to a going steady yogi!

Together we can complete this!