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10 Ways To Know If Yoga Local Is Right For You

There are so many styles of Yoga out there. It can be so confusing! We want to make it clear to you guys what it is we do here and why we do it. And what we do is traditional Hatha Yoga.

The basis of all Yoga comes from traditional texts dating back thousands of years ago. Traditional Hatha Yoga was the first Yoga to be created as a physical practice, before that Yoga was mainly Meditation with little to no Asana (postures). We know Hatha Yoga works, and it’s what we love so it’s what we teach! We get our knowledge right from the original texts, so that we can produce the most authentic Yoga as possible.

Check out this recording of our live workshop on ’10 ways to know if Yoga Local is right for you’. It will give you the perfect idea of what we are trying to achieve here!

What Yoga Really Is

As the years have gone by, the purpose of Yoga has been lost in translation. Especially in the western world! We think it is a form of exercise or a way to get bendy, but it is nothing to do with that…

Originally, Yoga was defined just by Meditation practices. In fact, the Yoga Sutra only mentions Asana (poses) four times in the WHOLE text! The emphasis was never supposed to be on the body, this practice is really about the part of us that is not physical. The mind, conciousness, energy. 

Hatha Yoga

So we are trying to bring that message back to the Yoga world. Of course the poses are included for a reason, it was realised that people had to work through their limitations and obstacles physically before they could connect inwards.

 So the Hatha Yoga progression was created to connect people to their bodies, breath, mind and lead them to conciousness. 

What We Do Here

We honour the tradition and create COMPLETE Yoga classes that actually benefit people physically, mentally and emotionally. 

What is a complete Yoga class?

It is a practice that includes Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation. We don’t just want to exercise the body in our classes, we want to make a real impact on peoples daily lives. Through complete Yoga classes we can do that through helping people physically, mentally and emotionally get through their obstacles. 

We also work through the Hatha Yoga progression to guide people on a journey to self-discovery and inner power! We want you to thrive, so we follow the steps of the Hatha Yoga tradition with our signature classes. 

To do this, we have 3 signature classes that take you through stage 1, 2 and 3 of the Hatha Yoga journey. These stages are Moon, Sun and Fire which we call Anchor, Rise and Energise respectively.

Will You Thrive Here?


Yoga is for everyone and it can be used by people of all ages, shapes, genders and abilities. You don’t have to be flexible or fit, because ultimately it’s not about the postures! If you are looking for a way to remove any limitations, toxic emotions, physical burdans that are holding you back in life, you will benefit from this space. If you are ready for a practice that is more than just exercise, and can build you into the best version of yourself, join us at Yoga Local!

Want To Join Us?

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If you are ready to start your journey with us, check out the timetable and sign up for a class! Click below to have a look at the classes we offer. If you are new to the Hatha Yoga progression, our Anchor classes are the place to start…