What Yoga is Really About.


First of all you fabulous folks, Yoga is not about flexibility. At least not in the traditional sense. In fact, it is not mentioned – not even once – in any of the sacred yoga texts. At all!

Yes, really!

Want to know what Yoga is about?

Yoga is an invitation to shift and take the first step on the sacred road to LOVE, freedom, self-discovery and ultimately towards your true potential. 

So can we please set aside flexibility as the goal my friends. It’s actually stability that is paramount when it comes to your practice, because Yoga is really about… POWER.

Again. Yes really!

So think about it. To hold true power – that’s not corruptible, that we choose only to be directed towards loving, selfless service  requires unwavering STABILITY.

But don’t take my word for it.

The ancient texts support this, each one claiming that until the body and mind are steady then the real world of yoga can’t reveal itself.

Stability is, by the way, also what comes before self-knowledge and self-knowledge is the doorway to loving your self. (Are you getting where this is going?) 😉 

Keep with me before you sign this off to just an opportunist hook into a commercial event – this message is way more important.

Love, for all it can sound just for the gorgeously sweet and fluffy among us, is like it or not, at the deepest level of our being. 

Unfortunately, most of us have a job on our hands going that deep. We have to sift through what’s in the way – our layers, our coating and conditioning, our negativity maybe, to get to the good stuff. 

We have to go beyond the superficial level of our personality and ego. We have to get stable and find a truer expression of what love is. 

The good news is Yoga can get us there.

Yoga is the practice that reminds us that love is our nature. 

Yoga is the practice that reminds us we have to slow down to witness our self as our true nature.

That is our goal, and from that space we can claim our true POWER.

Let’s get sifting. Let’s get loved up.

Love you guys,

Yes really!