Yoga For Tight Hips

Sometimes you don’t find yoga, yoga finds you.

For example… did you know our teacher Maz is working with our neighbours, ShireFit (a cross fit gym here at Nene Court) to deliver its RCVR classes both in Wellingborough and Corby. 

This is not what you’d call traditional yoga – but that’s not always where we want to start! Where we start is with a specific need! I started yoga primarily because I wanted to heal back pain. Nothing spiritual or more worldly than that, but it got me on the path. These guys have recognised yoga can help them with their need. To support their goals in the cross fit training world. 

Equally you don’t have to aspire to be a weight lifter or want to do Cross Fit to benefit from these yoga inspired sessions. Maz is doing some amazing work with this community on behalf of Yoga Local. We wouldn’t want you to miss out. So she’s generously created some videos for all of us. Yoga is union after all. 😉

 This week she’s been working on mobilising members hips to support not only aspects of their gym training, such as squat depth and explosive movements, but also the everyday functioning of the hip joints.  

Maz explains: 

“Sitting for long periods impacts hip mobility by shortening the hip-flexors and weakening the glute muscles, which can negatively impact the hips full range of motion.  This could lead to lower back concerns as we could start to rely on our back muscles when lifting heavy weights, which are susceptible to injury. 

“Whether you are an athlete or not, as a society, we spend hours sitting and this contributes to a lack of hip mobility due to tight hip muscles, especially the hip-flexors. 

“Here are my favourite movements to help improve hip mobility. Let me know if you give them a try and feel free to share your favourites with me too, tagging #yogawithmaz and #yogalocaluk .”

#notjustforcrossfit #yogaforhips #yogaformobility  

Thanks for sharing Maz!