YIB Podcast #4 | Doing business with heart.


How to set boundaries and be a heart-centred entrepreneur.

Josie here and I’m back on the podcast talking to homeopath, Lisa Shefchick who spends her days bringing health and balance into people’s lives and empowering women through birth.

Our conversation got me picturing a scene from the original Superman movie.

Perhaps I’m showing my age, but you’ll know it. It’s the one when Superman catches Lois from a death fall declaring ‘I got you’, and she says right back: ‘You got me? Who’s got you?’.

I love that movie (Lois Lane was the reason I wanted to work in newspapers – or maybe it was the possibility of meeting my Superman…oh dear). Hmmm, enough about that, in this moment it’s a way to remind us all that when your caring for others or running a heart-centered business it’s easy to put your own health, happiness and wellbeing at the back of the queue.

Lisa tackles the subject beautifully in this episode of YIB and kindly offers her own tips on creating an ideal working week, managing clients, and controlling email.

There’s that, and so much more. You’ll have to tune in to get the rest.

Find some space, give yourself permission to pause (yeah, I know, time’s scarce when you’re running your own show). No excuses. This is a podcast, so you can download the audio and listen while you’re doing something else if you must, but you’ll really not want to miss it.

Join us now. Once you’re done, please share with anyone who might need to hear the many messages inside. Oh…and if you have some of your own tips and tricks let us know. Keep the Yogi in Business world turning…keep caring, keep serving.

Josie. #YogiInBusiness X👇👇🙏

Podcast #4 | Doing Business With Heart


Show Timeline – The takeaways you don’t want to miss.

[2:45] The difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine.

[3:00] Union and treating the individual as a whole.

[4:45] How strength comes from understanding who you are.

[5:00] The stress factor. Is everything down to stress?

[6:00] Why Lisa recommends yoga as part of the solution to whole health and wellbeing.

[6:36] The evolution of Lisa’s own yoga journey.

[8:30} The power of the breath, present moment awareness and how she’s teaching that in hypnobirthing and life.

[12:00] All about the ‘badge of honour’ to be busy.

[14:49] How yoga and meditation help with business.

[15:35] The challenges in Lisa’s business and how she has learned to set boundaries.

[16:20] How she sets out her ideal working week, manages her clients and controls email.

[17:20] How it’s hard to be firm when you’re in the business of caring.

[18:25] What Lisa’s self-care looks like. Does she see a homeopath? How big is homeopathy as part of her family’s life?

[22:50] How food can help us all heal.

[25:25] Explaining the why underneath everything and how awareness holds the key to making changes.

[32:00] How Lisa believes the minority changes thing in the end because they are the ones challenging the status quo.

[35:00] The power to consciously choose your thoughts and put them on like a piece of clothing.

[36:10] How you create your life with every thought, the power of intention and how it all comes back to yoga.

[38:20] Quick questions.





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Josie XX