YIB Podcast #5 | Inspiring Success with Side Gigs

YIB Podcast #5 | Inspiring success with side-gigs

I read today that women are a third less likely than men to start a business.

This week’s YIB podcast guest, Sheena Shah, is running two and holding down a job as an Optometrist. Pretty impressive right? (Smashed that stat💪).

In this incredibly open conversation, Sheena talks about her passion to help people take their lives from where they are to where they want them to be and how she’s successfully grown her Pure and Raw Goodies business by word-of-mouth and a Facebook page.

She also reveals her ultimate purpose – to inspire her two young girls to become strong, successful, independent women. (Job done Sheena🙏👍🏼)

Queen of Pure and Raw Goodies, Sheena Shah

They say everything happens for a reason and we reveal the quirk of fate or moment of synchro destiny that caused our paths to cross on this podcast. But thanks to that particular correlation of the universe the stars have stacked right in time for Sheena to join me for the launch of the first Yogis In Business Live Event on June 29, 2018.

I’ve called it the Yogis in Business Work Shavasana and it will be the event for any self-starter, side-gig hustler, business-owner or entrepreneur looking to pursue their business dreams and serve others, with a mind, body and soul equipped for the job.

Together Sheena and I are hosting this ultimate networking, goal setting, life supporting workshop where you get time to

  • unplug
  • reconnect
  • supercharge your health and the health of your business.
Indulge and nourish with Pure and Raw Food Goodies

You’ll enjoy mediation, some gentle yoga, nourishing food (prepared by Sheena) and connect with other Yogi’s in Business who have a passion to serve at their best.

There’s more details on that here so loop back to this link when you’re done listening to Sheena’s story. Grab a pen, you’ll need to take notes for this one.  Enjoy.

Show Timeline – The takeaways you don’t want to miss.

[0:22] Introducing Sheena, Optometrist, Life and Wellbeing Coach and owner of Pure and Raw Food Goodies.

[3:38] Eating clean and how she makes it work for her family.

[5:00] Identifying daily food errors.

[5:54] Superfoods – what are they?

[6:00] Cacao and nourishing home-made chocolate bars that kids love.

[6:54] What are anti-oxidants?

[7:49] What veg to add to smoothies (if you don’t like the taste)?

[9:30] Do you know what to do, but you just don’t do it. Get Sheena’s advice.

[11:41] Fuel your health, fuel your business. Learn about the adaptogens in food that can help balance mood and health.

[13:43] Sheena’s take on ‘you are what you eat’.

[16:52] The importance of passion and service.

[20:00] The two biggest barriers to following your dreams.

[22:44] Sheena’s Yoga Routine.

[25:00] How we met.

[27:32] The Yogis In Business Work Shavasana – workshop details.

[29:49] How Sheena spins her many wheels and how to be ok with things not working out.

[34:23] Sheena’s why.

[36:00] The value of connecting with others who are going through or have been through similar business challenges.

[39:59]. A final word on the YIB Work Shavasana.



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I hope you enjoyed this episode. For more on how the practice of yoga can help you live the life you love, whether that’s running a business, running a marathon, or evening running your home, leave me your email on the opt in form (find it at the bottom of the Yoga Local Homepage) to get news of upcoming blogs, articles and interviews straight to your inbox. And, if you want to connect and meet up with people just like Sheena, be one of the first to sign up for the ‘Yogis in Business’ Work Shavasana.  You can reach me at josie@yogalocal.co.uk.

Josie XX