YIB Podcast #6 | A Tale On Starting From Scratch

You are a field of possibilities

The Yogis in Business podcast, Episode 6,  is ready for download and this one is sponsored by my own LIVE event – The Yogis In Business Work Shavasana. I’ve got a 5-hr yoga retreat/workshop planned out to help enterpreneurs and business owners Stop to Become Unstoppable.  Don’t put your health, or the health of your business on hold any longer. If you’d like to join us on Friday June 29 in Great Houghton, you can get all the details and book a place right here.


But back to today’s podcast and I’m going to ask you a question.

What’s possible for you? Do you ever question your potential?

When you next doubt what you’re capable of, I want you to think about my podcast guest ö-Sel Nyima who rebuilt herself after a near fatal accident and then went on to build a business.

ö-Sel was 25 when she was hit by a car. Almost every bone in her body was broken and her arm so badly damaged doctors considered amputation. She should have died. Instead she spent months in hospital nursing her many injuries, including a brain injury which had left her with amnesia and no sense of test or smell.

After a year of physiotherapy she was signed off by the health service, but in her own words she still ‘walked like a badly engineered robot’ and her senses had not yet recovered. For ö-Sel, who’s a practicing buddhist and meditator, that was simply not good enough.

So, she undertook to rehab herself.

Yoga has taught me so much about the mindbody connection and our considerable capacity to heal so it’s fascinating to hear ö-Sel talk more about this in the podcast.
So keep listening to hear about the mixture of practices that helped with her FULL and miraculous recovery, and how she now helps others discover their own inner healer through her business Clearlight Bodymind Awareness.



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