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Unlimited Yoga for a Fixed Price

Unlimited Yoga? If you want more money in your pocket for acai bowls, cute yoga clothes, and all the other fun stuff in life (but still count yourself an actual going-steady practitioner!) 

This is for you!

An invite, my friend to check out our Complete Membership! Continue reading or CLICK HERE to watch our podcast where Josie explains the value of our Membership.


How good value is it?

Hmm let me count the ways!

But before I do! I must ask. Are you ready to go

Have you reached that critical point in your Yoga journey? Has the penny dropped?

I believe we all arrive eventually. You might have been there a while.

It’s that point when you understand how important committed daily and ‘complete’ practice might be, but you still don’t know how to make it happen and you’re not ready to go at
home solo!

Sound like you?

You could stay at the gym, or watch YouTube after YouTube, and hammer out class after class, asana after asana – but are you getting the Yoga science and teachings to move you towards crafting your own practice and finally be self-governing, resilient and successful at life?

Are you getting the support of a community that is progressively driving after the same goals and not just tinkering at the edges.

Are you getting access to teachers that don’t move on to the next class before you can say Namaste?

I get it. And our studio and business is different.

We want to get you there – and still be able to afford that retreat you have your eye on with the waterfalls, and the coastal walks!

You don’t have to take a teacher training to move your practice forward. You just have to have the right place to learn and the right kind of membership, with the right people at your back.

Our Complete Membership offers all that and makes you savings too.

 For example, say you were to attend four classes per week it would cost:

       £12 per class for drop-ins: £12 x 4 classes x 4
weeks = £192 per month

       £43 for a 5-class pack: £43 x 3 packs = £129 per

       £79 for a 10-class pack: £79 x 2 packs = £158
per month

However, with the Complete Membership at just £69 per month (rolling membership) or £60 per month (12-month commitment), you can save anywhere from £60 to £133 per month depending on which option you choose.

How valuable is that? Ok, Let’s start counting the ways.

This offer gives you:

  • Unlimited Yoga including all studio classes and weekly mini workshops at our studio. We’re talking about lineage-based, scientifically sequenced, and progressive practices and teachings. Not just creative asana flows.
  • Unlimited Yoga On Demand. Complete membership gives you access to all our PREMIUM on-demand content for practiceanytime, on the go.  You will find videos, audios, articles in inside the VIP area of the YL App (and this bank of classes is growing weekly – which means the value is growing all the time).
  • Unlimited Yoga Online. Your membership gives you unlimited access to LIVE online classes for those days when you can’t get to the studio (dog threw up, baby-sitter let you down, car won’t start. You’re on a three-month world tour!). No excuses. Jump on Zoom for a live class and you’re good to go.
  • Access to an ‘off-social’ weekly calendar of FREE content offering inspiration, motivation and conversation to keep you connected to the commitments you make to yourself. We don’t want you going down any Facebook, or Insta time sucking rabbit holes. It’s all in our own off social APP – so you can focus on what matters!
  • The support of an online community (yogis just like you) inside the YL APP. Each one of them knows we can achieve so much more together than we can on our own! And you could be part of that support system – and it will feel great because Yogis love to serve!

If we do say so ourselves, the value of the Complete membership goes way beyond just monetary savings. It finally gives yoga practitioners who aren’t looking for a teacher training,  a fully immerse yoga practice and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


Join Us!

Our community is full of people who encourage each other, celebrate successes, and offer a virtual high-five when things get tough.

So, if you’re ready to “go-steady” with your yoga practice and transform your life, the Complete Membership is the way to go.

It’s time to ditch gym classes or You Tube videos that entertain for a while but don’t provide the progression or meaning that endures.

Not only will you save money and stop wasting time on pointless practice, but you’ll also gain access to a whole new world of yoga and an incredible community that’s got your back. 

Come join us and see for yourself!

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