Yoga For Connection

Connection, Integration, Union

Let’s start practicing Yoga for connection, not for fitness. Say it with me… YOGA IS NOT ABOUT POSES. 

That’s the main message we want to spread as a

 studio. Commercialised spaces have turned Yoga into a fitness trend. A way to get abs and become bendy. A way to exercise and become fit. THAT IS NOT YOGA.

These people have taken only one aspect of a Yoga practice and blown it up to be the whole show. It has been taken so far from it’s tradition and turned into something superficial. A way to make you look good and improve your physical self.

What you aren’t told by these people is that the poses are just the first step. They aren’t even HALF of what Yoga is. By stripping this tradition down to just the physical, you are completely taking the point of Yoga away… making it no longer Yoga at all.


Yoga Is Union

The word Yoga means union. What does this mean? It means Yoga is all about connection. Connecting to all parts of the self and integrating them all to become completely unified!

The purpose of Yoga is to unify, integrate and connect. To remember who we are underneath everything, also known as ‘Smarana’. 

So, we use our Yoga practice not to be fit and flexible. But to find true connection that will enhance our lives as a whole. Yes, our practice will naturally improve our fitness. But it’s not the focus or the goal.

Poses Are Important

Although Yoga is not about the poses, they are still important. Union is about bringing all things together, this includes the physical. We want to integrate our physical, energetic and mental selves to find this deeper connection. So, naturally the physical is important for this union!

Through our posture work, we begin to shape our breath which shapes our mind. We then can find presence through a calm mind which makes it easier to connect to our energy body. From here we can direct our energy to connect to the higher mind. 

In this progression, the physical is the frame work. We need to create a strong and stable body so we are less distracted and more able to focus on the mind.

The point we are making is, poses are important but they are not the focus.

Yoga For Connection

This month we are emphasising connection through practice. Through each week we are guiding students through different ways to connect in each stage of practice. We are giving the opportunity to emphasise the practices that enhance connection, and notice how it changes practice. 

Josie explains the plan for each stage of practice this month in our podcast below! Learn more about practicing Yoga for connection, and understand how we will guide students towards connecting during the month.


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