Hey my friends…. jumping right in with a request… I’m looking for blokes.☺️🧘🏼‍♂️

What kind of blokes? I know you’re asking. So here’s a list and see if you recognise anyone you know.

  • Muscle bound athletes (strong but tight. This is in no particular order by the way..really 😝).
  • Naturally flexible guys (loose but weak).
  • Tight and inflexible guys….(yep you can get both).
  • Stressed out men.
  • Men driven by competitive challenge who tend to overdo to prove themselves.
  • Men rehabbing an injury (see above).
  • Men seeking relief from decades of wear and tear (all of the above).🤦‍♀️

Yeah…this list covers a lot of men 🙂

But that’s my point. These days there are 460,000 Brits taking part in yoga classes each week. Yoga has been increasing in popularity year on year and reached a peak in January 2019. Unfortunately there’s something up with these figures…because the balance of men to women is a little off. ⚖️

Yoga studios have become regarded as a female domain. Just this week a guy half entered the Yoga Local studio – (the upper half of his body made it through the door the rest trailed outside). He asked for a timetable, immediately clarified it was for his wife, grabbed a leaflet and recoiled back out the door like he’d been scorched by fire…🔥🧨

I chuckled to myself because it’s common.. but I also do have men who have made it all the way across the  threshold and now practice at my studio regularly…

Why is it taking men so long?

So it got me thinking what could we do to help our men folk hang out here some more…(at least get them through the door).
And why is it taking men so long? If you’re ok with man bags and eating avocado smash… what’s so foreign about practicing yoga these days?

Maybe men don’t feel flexible enough. Maybe it makes them feel ‘less of a man’? Maybe they think they won’t make it out without sporting a man bun?
Teasing aside, yoga doesn’t make anyone less than, if any thing it makes us more than. It can help you take control of your identity. It can help you reclaim mental well being. It can help you appreciate the calm and ease as well as the tough and sweaty side of life.
It can support your life in any way you need.

That’s aside from all this other stuff that yoga offers…

  • Extending range of motion.
  • Improving blood flow.
  • Building lean muscle mass.
  • Lengthening muscle and tissue.
  • Getting more oxygen to the muscles – and recovering from injury faster.
  • Breathing better – increasing energy and vitality.
  • Creating a better balanced body and mind.
  • Relaxation – to get you ready for your next challenge.
  • Better body awareness.

Have I made my point? Any point?

Ok.. so enough of the chit chat. Here’s what’s happening as a result. FREE yoga for men taster sessions. Yay!

My teacher, Charlie Carter, will be leading sessions on Saturday November 30 and Saturday December 14 at 2pm here at the Yoga Local Studio at Nene Court, Wellingborough.

Want a place on a mat? 🙌 Here’s the links to book on today.

30th Nov

14th Dec

Places are limited so get signed up to make sure you don’t miss out.

It’s time to practice with your mates, with your brothers, with your sons, with your fathers, with your partners, and help us build a community of male practitioners.


Lets do this! J X