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Practicing Yoga For Prajna

Hopefully we have drilled it into you by now, YOGA IS NOT ABOUT POSTURE. And, if you are practicing this way, Prajna will be something you want for your Yoga practice…

The real reason we practice Yoga is for the states of consciousness we can reach in Meditation. All of the postures and techniques we do are leading us to better Meditation.

Better Meditation leads us to the end goal of Yoga, which is REMEMBERANCE OF THE SELF.

But what is Prajna? And why do you want it?

What Is Prajna?

Prajna is used to refer to the highest state of wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Prajna is the higher experiences we experience in Meditation. It is what we want to access to reach the end goal of Yoga.

We are practicing Yoga for it’s true intention, not just as a form or exercise or a way to stretch, but as a whole way of living. This means we begin to understand the importance of things such as Prajna, and it becomes the aim of our journey!

Kriya Yoga & Prajna

This month we have been working towards a Kriya Yoga practice. A practice that can accelerate our journey towards remembrance of the self. This Yoga is also known as ‘the Yoga of action’, as it propels us towards those higher experiences in our practice, and puts us into action.
Kriya Yoga and Prajna go hand in hand. Kriya Yoga uses Tapas (heat), Swadhyaya (self-study), and Ishvara Pranidhana (devotion to the self) for us to tap into higher states of consciousness. This practice leads us to Prajna and allows for those higher experiences in Meditation. This access to more Prajna is what allows us to reach the end goal. True remembrance of the self.
The more we practice Kriya Yoga, the more Prajna we build, the better our Meditation, and the closer we are to true remembrance!

The Podcast!

We continue this conversation around Prajna and Kriya Yoga in our most recent podcast. Check it out below to learn more about these concepts, as Josie guides you through the teachings in her own inspiring way. 
This week our classes are all based around Kriya Yoga and accessing more Prajna! Sound good? Book onto a class and try it out!
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