Yoga For Pure Generosity

What is your generosity attached to?

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear all about yoga for pure generosity, and to get yourself thinking about what attachments you may put onto your acts of generosity.

This weeks classes have been all about taking from our natural essence so we can be effortlessly generous to those around us as well as ourselves.

Our natural state is endlessly generous, without fear or attachment. When we are working with the higher states of ourselves we can allow generosity to flow from us with ease, allowing us and those around to thrive together.

The problem comes when we are too in our ego mind, our lower mind. In this space, conditioning and trauma have lead fears and anxieties to become attached to our generosity. We may hold ourselves back from truly giving because of our attachments to past issues.

The ego also has this need for reward. So we can tend to attach expectations of reward or repayment to our generosity.

What Will Yoga Do For Yor Generosity?

Yoga is a tool for us to start letting go of the attachments we hold to external things. As much as the ego is needed for our human experience, if we are too stuck in it we are too attached to the physical stuff. 

By using our Asana, Pranayama and Meditation we begin to release the heavy attachments to the lower mind’s thinking. With that, we release the obstacles in the way of true connection to self.

This connection allows us to always work from our true essence, our source. We can then thrive on our own life force, and move internally for everything we need. From this space, generosity flows effortlessly from us with nothing in the way and no rewards needed. 

Bring the intention to use Yoga for pure generosity this month. Really bring awareness to your attachment to ego, and work to eliminate it. Release yourself from the density of external attachment, and rest in the effortlessness of higher connection.


Watch this podcast for more on this topic, and start to really study your habits when being generous. Are you really giving from your soul? Or are you holding back, or maybe giving just to recieve something yourself…

You can start practicing this way now! Join us for a class...

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