WE’RE ONLINE! Who’s zooming who?🎵🧘🏼‍

Hey yogis. We’ve gone live with our first online yoga class and it was a piece of cake.

Don’t believe me… listen to this lot


Anita Boiling – “It was fab, you were amazing! I felt like I was in the studio. Anyone not sure….try it. The Zoom app is so easy to use, and it feels like a 1 to 1 class.”


Sara Austin – “Completely brilliant session. Pretty seamless and very easy to access using Zoom.”


Francesca Ufton – “Great online Rise class today Josie….thank you so much for getting this set up, worked so well….looking forward to the next one! Xx”


Amanda Saxby – “Thank YOU Josie it was great. Nearly as good as being in your studio. This will make a big difference to everything over the next few weeks. Easy to set up the technology too 💕.”


Sarah Crickmar – “Really was good! Totally worth a try if you’re a beginner or more advanced, was just like being in the studio and so easy to set up! 😊 x”

So, this week we’re wheeling out a few more test runs with you so we can all get happy with the tech.

When are they Happening? Right now.

Techno Averse? I’ve got some instructions in this email and hope they will help you to get started quickly. You will need a strong wifi signal.

Class Times: We will run the trial up until March 29 and will try to follow your existing class times from then where possible.

Length:  Your usual 1 hour… but please join five minutes before the session is due to begin.

Format: I can see and hear all of you and you can see and hear me, the yogis on the lessons this week said it was like a ‘one to one’

Costs during trial:  NO CHARGE

Costs after trial:  From March 29, we return as normal to using your existing class passes and memberships. (Discounted throughout our closure by 20% across all levels.)


 Before the start of class you need to download the free software Zoom. www.zoom.us

If you are using a phone then you need to download the “Zoom Mobile app”.  Look for link to the Apple App Store/Google play.

You will receive your invitation via email before the class begins.

Click the Zoom link you received via email.

Alternatively, head to your customer account and click on the class you’ve registered onto from the calendar.

You will be able to join the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class.

If you get a message that the host isn’t ready just wait. You beat us to it… no rushing to yoga guys…;)


Find somewhere quiet where you are not likely to be interrupted or distracted to practice. Make sure you can stretch out your arms and legs and try and find room either side of your mat too if you can.

You should be able to see yourself and other attendees on your screen.  Position your camera so we can see you when you are lying down, and sitting. You’ll get usual cues and adjustments just as if we were in the room with you.

Before the class we’ll get a chance to say hi and chat with each other like we would normally in the studio. Once class has started all members go on mute so the camera stays on the teacher. Please wave if you have a question or comment, and the teacher will speak directly to you. You do not need to be able to see the teacher, only hear them. If you get any audio feedback lower the volume.

We’ll take you off mute at the end of the class so we can feedback and chat some more.


Screen saver. Set this to over an hour or NEVER for the duration of the sessions – we don’t want you disappearing on us.

Devices:  Laptops have a wider field of view and it’s easier to manipulate the camera position via the screen. A phone or tablet will work. Don’t block the camera.

Let’s keep practicing…

You’ve got this..
See you online…