Here we go again, life’s shifting. And, as every good yogi knows, it’s time to let go of resistance to what is, get your best ‘flexy’ on and…well…adjust.

And just like last time, the YL Team is right there beside you aiming to get you through this lockdown feeling more positive, healthier and happier.

So what’s the plan?

In the new issue of Yoga Vocal I’ve written about five ways to make NOW the moment to act! (seems the universe was giving me a heads up ;)).

And, yeah maybe after the news I spent a few moments hanging out in my lower energy centres (aka down in the dumps), but it’s tapping into those exact teachings that got me unstuck and back into what I call my ‘more conscious’ flow.

For me it was about making the shift from the question ‘why is this happening to us?’ to ‘what’s the opportunity here?’.
So I’m about to turn my negativity ship around and double down on how we make lockdown something that can work for us all.

Think about it….
How about if this is the opportunity to:

Reflect – on what needs work.
• Judge less – we are where we are. Let’s move away from self-defeating criticism and get to work on what we can accomplish.
• Get heated – fire up our desire to be healthier and happier (as opposed to heavier) post lockdown.
• Clear space – make room for a programme of self-care, nutrition, sleep, movement and meditation.
• Set our intentions – set some goals and lean into giving ourselves permission to commit to becoming more of who we want to be post lockdown.


Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th
* Classes are to run as normal (in studio and online )

Thursday 5th onwards
* All classes will be bookable online only. Class sizes to stay 15 max.
* If you are already booked into the studio your studio place will be automatically transferred to an online space. You are free to cancel without penalty if you wish. Remember your class packages do not expire and can still be used at any time in the future.
* If we cancel an upcoming class, for any reason your credit will be returned to your account for future use.
* All classes will be reduced in price by 20% until further notice.
* I aim to provide access to weekly materials, support, motivation and tools to help you build and follow your own 4-week lockdown yoga and wellness plan. (More on that as soon as I have it).

Throughout lockdown we will also aim to provide opportunities to stay connected, support each other and create some very necessary time for laughs.

For those of you who are booked on a special event, course or are currently working with me 1-1, I’ll be in touch with you separately to talk about your options.

But for now, the message is, stay positive, stay healthy and I’ll see you soon to enjoy and appreciate this ever-changing scenery we call life through the health-enhancing practice of yoga.

Thank you for your love, virtual hugs, practice and continued support.


Josie and the YL TEAM X