Yoga Q&A Quickie: Sports Specific Yoga

You asked: Why do I need yoga if I’m already active?

Here’s my Top 5 answers to this one.

1. Avoid Injury.

If you want to stay active, supple and prolong participation in your sport of choice a regular yoga practice can keep you in the game. Yoga helps you do what you love for longer!

2. Create balance.

Yep, that can be physical balance and just being steadier on your feet, but it could equally be finding balance in your training and life. Bring awareness to your how, when and how smart?

3. Dial up mental performance.

If you flake under pressure, lose focus, get distracted from your goals, procrastinate and self-sabotage your success, (I’ve been on those cake runs! No fooling me) yoga can help you cultivate the ability to stay calm and make great choices that fuel your goals.


Yogastha Kuru Karmani – establish yourself in yoga, perform action.


4. Increase your margins.

In the same way you may tune your bike, upgrade your wetsuit, or switch to sports specific shoes, if you practice yoga you glean benefits over and above those in your sport that don’t bother. Play to win the margins.

5. Breathe better.

No one who trains hard will argue that being more efficient at breathing and enjoying quicker recovery times can be a game changer. Yoga has the breathing covered.


Don’t just take my word for it

It’s now pretty widely known that top athletes are already working yoga into their training plans. Here are 3 examples.

Paula Radcliffe.

“Your muscles can seize up pretty quickly after you cross the finish line. Stretching is really important before a race, but even more so afterwards. Go for a swim or to a yoga class to make sure you’re stretching in a relaxed and mindful way. Now isn’t the time to push it.”

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Victoria Pendleton

“With cycling you don’t need to be as disciplined with your stretching, but with running it’s so important – otherwise you really feel it afterwards. I’ve got tight hip flexors and hamstrings, so I’ve been trying to stretch out with yoga and I’ve really enjoyed learning more about it.’

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Ryan Giggs

“It helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well.”

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Want to learn more about how to fine tune your body and mind to the requirements of your sport?

(It’s a smart move.) 😉

I run regular Yoga for Runners, Athletes or Sport specific classes. Hop over here, to see what’s coming up.

As of writing this, the next one starts on Monday April 9, 2018. This series is one of my most popular. So be quick and sign up here if you don’t want to miss out..

Week 1: April 9

Focus on swim: A look at using yoga to increase mobility (flexibility with stability) and core strength using specific movement patterns that transfer into the sport of swimming. Learn to move the body with the breath to perform in a more relaxed state.

Week 2: April 16

Focus on cycle: Attention on using yoga for lower back strength. Hip flexor flexibility and glute activation. That’s your rear gear folks.

Week 3: April 23

Focus on recovery: How to use your practice to stave off injury and re-hab tired muscles. Tips on how to ease post run pain, boost your immune system and be ready for your next run. (Great recovery session for Marathon runners and those competing in the Duston Triathlon).

Week 4: April 30

Focus on run: Discover how yoga can help you get more from your running workouts. Tips on when to incorporate yoga, how to mix up intensity, and how to bring balance to your training.

Week 5: May 14

Focus on performance: Some insights on how yoga moves contraction in the body and agitation in the mind and makes way for performance enhancing benefits of clarity, focus, unleased energy and purpose.

Don’t forget to claim your spot. It’s waiting for you here.

See you on your mat my yogi-in-training friend.

Josie 🙏👍💪