Yoga For Spine Stability

Sometimes you don’t find yoga, yoga finds you.

We’ve been working with spinal extensions and back bends in class this week but this kind of practice is not just for yogis looking to “open their heart” or master a particular asana or posture!

It’s for anyone looking to improve their lower back (and glute) strength! That you? It’s certainly me!  And it’s certainly for the members at ShireFit who our teacher Maz serves each week in two weekly sessions on behalf of YL.

This is what she’s been helping the crossfit folk across the courtyard, master.  Take it away Maz! 🙏

Maz says: “Locust pose is a great bodyweight exercise to train the erector spinae muscles that run along the spine. They play an important role in spinal stability and preventing unwanted movement in the lower back. 

“Locust pose strengthens the upper and lower back and glutes to prepare for more challenging or weight bearing movements like squats and deadlifts. 

“It’s also a great posture to counteract all the slouching we do throughout the day, hunching over our laptops and computer screens. “

Here’s a few of Maz’s favourite variations. Let her know if you give them a go tagging #yogawithmaz and #yogalocaluk

#notjustforcrossfit #yogaforthespine #yogaforbacks  

Thanks for sharing Maz!