Yoga Theme of the Month | Be Still

Let's Talk About The Theme!

Practicing Yoga becomes most life-changing when every practice you do has an intention and a goal. That is why we base all of our Yoga classes around a specific theme. It keeps our practice focused and intentional, and gives us a framework for our practice. 

This Months Theme

This month the theme is ‘be still‘, and this is because we are moving through the Spring months where there is naturally a lot of change going on. New life is growing, the weather is fluctuating, and animals come out of hibernation.

I think we can sometimes forget that we are a part of nature, and we should work with it instead of against it. One thing about nature is that it is always in balance, and when there isn’t balance mother nature comes in and returns harmony. With this in mind, we should work to maintain balance within, just as nature does! So the ‘be still’ theme is in place to bring some stillness into our lives during all of this change, to balance the change with stillness and therefore bring us harmony. 

Ever heard the saying too much of anything is bad for you? ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE!


How Do We Use The Theme?

We break down each week of the month and create mini themes that direct us towards the main theme as an end goal. For the first week of ‘be still’ month, we are working with the mini-theme ‘connect‘. This is because, in order to be still we must connect to ourselves, our mind, our breath, and our body. To find stillness we need to connect to it all, and be able to observe without reacting. Through practicing this in class, we can start to train ourselves to become the observer not only on the mat, but also in daily life. That way we can find stillness during any change or chaos we may encounter.

Check out the infographic below to read more about the mini themes we will be using each week that will direct us towards stillness this month.

Yoga Class Theme

How Themes Impact Practice

Having a specific theme to work towards in our Yoga class gives everybody direction and intention. Not only you as students, but also us as teachers. We have a center-point to work all of our class planning around to give you the best results from your practice, and we have a specific intention to deliver which will make the result of practice so much more potent!

The theme also gives you a place to direct your energy towards, and a focus for your practice. With ‘be still’ month, you will know the aim is to hold the poses and remain still. To observe the mind but not react. To connect within and create harmony. This gives the perfect framework for you to direct your energy towards one goal, and to internalise your practice to get what you want out of this theme as an individual.

After all, Yoga is a very personal practice. And you want to bring as much intention and focus into it as possible so that you can thrive from it.

Want to Start Practicing This Way?

We welcome you with open arms! All of our Signature classes (Anchor, Rise, Energise) are created with the theme in mind, and can be practiced with us in-studio or online via zoom! Wherever you are, start practicing with us if you want meaningful and traditional Yoga… use the button below to checkout our class timetable!
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