Yoga to Achieve


Birthing a new reality

Do you ever stop and ask yourself – What are you trying to achieve? 


No matter who you are or what your circumstances Yoga teaches that you need to know the answer …and you need to know precisely.


If you don’t, if you are holding on to a vibration of uncertainty within you, the tradition says you are bound to fail.


Harsh? Maybe, but who wants to sugar coat and heap sickly saccharine all over life just so we can swallow it better? 


So how did you answer the question?


Yoga teaches that however you answer, achievement is always about looking to create some new kind of reality.


In Sanskrit it’s called Apurva. ‘A’ means not and Purva means before. Apurva is a reality that previously did not exist, but now will exist. 


2020 was a tough year and 2021 hasn’t been a walk in the park either but I can see this business and community has moved from a reality that didn’t exist and now does. And that’s something to celebrate.


In the last 18 months we’ve created

·      Online classes

·      Online community

·      On demand classes

·      A new website

·      A Brew Bar 


We’ve transformed and transcended our old reality and now we are in a new – looking into 2022 with infinite possibilities for the future.


How did that happen?


Yoga would say it was because we know what we are trying to achieve – and it’s precise. 

Our intentions at YL are clear.

1.     To build a thriving traditional yoga studio

2.     To keep people connected to their practice

3.     To remove the obstacles that get in the way of 1 and 2

4.     To build a community that supports each other

5.     To create safe spaces for that community to practice and study– in person and online.



But it’s not just the business that’s transforming. Something has changed my own personal reality in the last 6 months.


This Friday I officially complete a 300hr (more like 500hr) Tantra Hatha Yoga teacher training and I will allow myself to unashamedly celebrate this epic achievement – because it was – especially given the circumstances and everything else that’s been happening this year.



So, what does it take to birth a new reality for yourself? 






This is something to think about when setting your own intentions, possibly for the New Year. When you ask yourself ‘what do I want to achieve?’ remember.



It will all go to waste if you are not precise, and you don’t act – create a ritual! 



I’ve learned that to birth a new reality you must show up for it. We need ritual, we need to practice, we need discipline.



My training will go to waste if I don’t put it to good use. My training will go to waste if I don’t practice.



So let me get this ball rolling and be precise about what I want to achieve next.



Today, I am claiming a reality where my whole life is a sacred ritual. So that I can be a source for illumination, nurturance, and inspiration for others. A life where I light my sacred fire every day and use that fire to help others light theirs.



Through ritual we learn that we change our destiny. Daily practice creates the energies that reweave the fabric of our existing reality and, when projected forward through time, this paves a path for a new timeline to emerge. Giving birth to something new altogether.


What are you ready to give birth to next?


Join me for practice and let’s reweave our realities together.


Josie X