Yoga-In-Training: Introducing the journal

Tickets to Sports Yoga booked!
Tickets to Sports Yoga booked!

A list of the small stuff

Start where you are and keep going. It’s a great mantra for us all. Just get going and keep going.

So, that’s what this yogi-in-training is doing. Taking small steps, easy steps that feel good right away to move me a tad closer, any amount, to where I’m headed – a wildly successful yogi and business entrepreneur. (We can move small but there’s no reason to think small.)

Now, it’s hard to see how those little things add up, so I’m tracking them. I want to record how this all unfolds. What will be the long-term results of doing the work, showing up…?

Watch life change

Introducing the journal…. log it, blog it, just get it down on paper/screen and watch life change…

A list of the small stuff. Some of it, so far…

  • I’ve switched listening to music as I’m driving to listening to inspirational podcasts, audio workshops/trainings. This week I’ve heard Matt Dooley talking about manifesting the right mindset and bulldozing limited beliefs. A takeaway from this was to start visualising my end goal. Feel free to play along if you have a goal or see yourself as ‘in-training’ for something. What you do is ask yourself what the person who had achieved that goal already might believe. Then assume those beliefs for yourself. Cal Newport then talked about working without distractions and how your ability to focus is your competitive advantage. Very cool to hear about the growth of email free organisations…it’s about time. And he doesn’t do social media…so, yes people do succeed without it. You can find these podcasts here by the way…skilfully hosted by life coach and mentor Mastin Kipp.
  • I’ve signed up to unlimited online yoga training with YogaUOnline and finished a three-part workshop on reversing imbalances in the shoulder with Julie Gudmestad. I’m now getting into the next workshop on Yoga for a Healthy Brain with Baxter Bell.
  • Personal practice has been focused on being light but strong. Connecting to my energetic body and imagining moving through water. If you’re feeling heavy with a cold or maybe down in the dumps I can recommend this approach.
  • My Yoga Local classes have explored the idea of gracefully moving into postures and experiencing the breath and the mind moving together to achieve union and peace. I’ve also been working on strength and using props to help my yogi’s correct alignment and maintain alignment through flows.
  • I journal all the time, but recently started writing three things I’m grateful for every day. Positive people live longer, Dr Lissa Rankin is telling me this in her book, Mind over Medicine – I highly recommend it.
  • I’ve booked on to a Sports Yoga specialist training course with London-based Yoga Campus. Can’t wait to up my game on this and share knowledge with my athletic yogi friends. Did you know sports journals are now saying even when you’re stretching muscles you’re also strengthening – so you really can’t lose with yoga.
  • I tuned into a workshop with MD Deepak Chopra on detoxing. I don’t tire of hearing how amazing the human body is. The body is a self-regulating miracle. In every moment, it’s regulating our body temperature, blood sugars, cholesterol, blood chemistry, hormones – all within an acceptable range. Balance is our baseline state of being before choices, thoughts, perceptions, environment, emotions (our lives essentially) impinge on us causing stress and dis-ease. I love telling my detoxing yogis at Homefield about how we get in the way of experiencing balance. How we sleep, move, handle stress, relationships, it all accumulates in the body and at some point you just have to get rid. Do you need to reset? The Perfect Health program is great for helping with that. If you’re interested find more here.
  • Watched Marie Forleo interview author Cheryl Strayed and got some synchronistic messaging around’ start and keep going’. Her advice spoke to me when she said keep writing and writing and see what happens. Learn to make a home with the work you are doing.

Ok – that’s a small enough start to get us going. Feel free to join me and go write in your own journal. Start your list and go for your goals, one step at a time. #Law of Least Effort.

Yogi-in-Training X