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Your Dharma Is Greatness

Yoga teaches us that Dharma is greatness. We are all born with a drive to excel, grow and achieve. This is called Dharma.

It’s soul desire that is coded deep within. But we forget it’s there, deny it’s there, and mistrust it’s calls to act.

Urghh – soul destroying is what that is.dharma

We all have soul desire. You may have felt it at some point in your life. But chances are the conditioning acquired through your individual life experience coupled with a clouded ego-centric mind that limits who we can be, means your access to it is limited. It’s there… and then it’s not, fleeting… recognise that experience?

What we want is an all-access pass to greatness? But our experience is more like something from the Monopoly board of life – do not pass
go, do not collect £200.

That’s why we get to work, every day as yogis, to lift those coverings we artfully shroud around our physical construct and begin to plug back into our strongest subtlest depths. Through our time-tested sacred practices, we can learn to embrace our greatness and follow our soul-driven
dreams. That is YOGA!

In practice this week and throughout Dream month – we are hoping to inspire you in some way to commit even more to your practice and start to shine who you are from within and embrace what you can be and do fearlessly out into the world. No holds barred.

The roots of our conditioning run deep – but with patience, the right asana, pranayama, meditation practices and a developing stable, strong, creative mind – you can radically reimagine yourself and your life.

My Experience Of Dharma

When I quit my career in journalism in October 2013 running a yoga studio, creating an online membership group and online courses, leading retreats in the UK and abroad was fairytale stuff.  But that’s my new reality.

Anything is possible when you dare to dream. So commit to yours, write them down. Visualise  possibilities, let the power of your mind take you to your most creative self.

It’s how I started. Go see it in the blog dated October 2013 ‘Sowing Some Seeds’. What I have today all sprouted from that seed of intention – a desire to become something more. And not just for myself – which is a key part of distinguishing your ego’s wants from your soul’s calling. How does your dream align with being of service?

If you feel ready to go for it – share your dreams in the comments. Bring something that’s a mere energetic imprint in your mind, a thought and bring it into form – words! It’s the beginning of the manifestation process. Everything comes from nothingness. Contemplate that!

And if you’re not ready just yet. Here’s another challenge.

Listen to this week’s podcast and I’ll give you four questions that will help you explore your Dharma…

We Have To Be Fearless

To live a life full of purpose we have to be ‘fearless’.  This is one of the key teachings in the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna is calling Arjuna to rise up out of his chariot and fulfill his dharmic path as a warrior.

It takes fearlessness to be a true Yogi. It’s not for the faint-hearted. You have to be ready to step into the fiery flames of your own internal power to burn through the ‘ghosts of your past’ – Bhuti Agni.

The path to greatness however, is not destructive. We build sustainably – so we never ‘bite off more than we can chew’ – as my teacher Octavio would say. But having got this far and digested the experience, it’s now time for me to chow down on another helping of fearlessness.

So – YES, I have created a studio, an online community and you are here! Fantastic – we can celebrate that! And we will on the 21st June when we mark our three year anniversary.

But hold on. This is not the end of the story or the dream – just new chapters to take us into the next adventure and to dream even bigger.

Check out the podcast on Dharma!

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